The company AQUASEED s.r.o. was established in 1995 as the family company with two independent operations:
-"AQUA" - feed production "LYO TUBI-BLOOD WORMS" for aquarium fish with the nation-wide distribution and export to Hungary and the Czech Republic. This operation was terminated in 1998 because of lack of raw material for production.
-"SEED" - the activities were from the beginning oriented on seeds and the set onion, when we had the purchase and distribution only from one producer and only relatively limited number of customers. Expanding the assortment from 1998, starting cooperation with other seed producers, complete the assortment with chemistry, fertilizers, substrates, and all this led to enlarging the number of customers.

In 2001 our company completely changed the strategy. We started to import important sorts of goods – set onion, flower bulbs from Holland. Later we expanded into the import of sprayers and pots from Italy, flower pots from Poland, Germany etc.

To acquire the distinguished dealership in Slovakia from the prestigious Holland pot and planters producer ELHO was another important milestone in 2007. Since 2008 we have been importing scissors, water program and small gardening tools from the prominent Taiwan producer with 27-year history. This step led to confirmation of the position as the significant importer.

We chose convenient strategy of goods distribution for customers already in 1995, which was the key decision. We further followed this trend and increased the quality. Nowadays we have available six distribution vehicles and we are able to distribute 25 tonnes of goods daily.

The distribution system from the company Aquaseed is very valuable for our customers. A quality and reliable distribution, which we offer, is very supportive for our customers. Our philosophy is that the wholesaler shall take care about the retail store, about the customers, who come and we provide the goods delivery to the retail store. In months January – June we have a firm distribution schedule, according to which our customers know exactly when we distribute the goods.

Recently we have more than 6500 sorts of goods and we register more than 1200 customers. We deliver the goods to several important wholesalers in Slovakia and we supply retail stores in the East and Middle Slovakia.

Our goal is:
  • To widen constantly the goods assortment, so the whole sale customers can choose from the best selection of goods for their retail stores.
  • To offer the goods at the lowest possible prices to favour our wholesale customers against other competition.
  • To achieve the highest level of our services and distribution so our customers get the goods in the moment they need.
  • To achieve the maximum level of customer satisfaction – so they not need to have in their address book other suppliers of gardening essentials.
AQUASEED s.r.o., your flexible and reliable supplier.
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